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We are Debbie and Veronica! Our goal is to help you be inspired, laugh a lot, and learn to thrive.

Meet Debbie and Veronica

We started this podcast to help women feel affirmed and learn more about the things that we wish someone would have told us. We pick topics based on health, beauty, emotional wellness, and our every day lives.

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If I Only Knew

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The Weight of Your Emotions

Have you ever thought to ask your added weight what it's trying to teach you? Debbie helps us get to the heart of the issues surrounding body image and negative self-talk, so you can begin a journey to a whole new mindset. Get ready to change your thinking!

Want to hear what a PharmD says about your hormones?

Today we are talking to Megan a Dr. of Pharmacy, She gives a broad overview of hormone treatment and menopause... we can’t wait to interview her again so we can delve deeper into individual topics.

Inflammation... What the Heck

It could be the reason for your pain, weight gain, sleeplessness... and so many other things!! We love talking to the experts about these issues and Megan and Rachel are full of great info.